DJ Morgan Page on Working With Vocalists and Getting Rejected By Adele

Its something of a necessity for every DJ/producer working the global EDM circuit to have a specialty or a signature sound if they hope to ever make it. For L.A. club king Morgan Page, his particular spin (pun intended) on dance music involves posh house soundscapes accentuated by dreamy vocals of the female persuasion.

Look no further than his latest disc In the Air, which dropped in April, for evidence of such, as the 31-year-old filled the 16-track album with his effervescent big room production work backed with the flowing voices of such chanteuses as Aussie singer-songwriter Shelley Harland and Scottish pop pixie Angela McCluskey. While Page admitted to us during our phone interview earlier this week that he tried -- and failed -- to nab Adele for the album, he's more than satisfied with who was willing to work with him.

That includes indie darlings Tegan and Sara, who lent their pristine pipes to Page's latest hit track "Body Work," which he plans on playing during his headlining set at Saturday's Ghostball block party at Axis/Radius in Scottsdale. Although the DJ/producer is certain he'll be dropping the song into his mix at the Halloween weekend affair, he's not so sure about whether or not he'll be wearing a costume behind the mixers, however.

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