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DJ Noiz.fkr Talks Tranzylvania, Vampires, Industrial Music, Dryft, Pan Sonic, and More

Tranzylvania's last hurrah at Palazzo goes down later tonight, so I figured it was a perfect opportunity for a visit with noiz.fkr (a.k.a. Rob Poe), the goth night's grandmaster and longtime resident DJ.

Though he might not may or may not believe in vampires, he's certainly encountered plenty of patrons dressed like the fictional blood-suckers during his six years behind the mixers at Palazzo. These pseudo succubi have moved and grooved to the industrial, EBM, and darkwave tracks that noiz.fkr has selected while perched in Palazzo's DJ booth, reigning over the notorious night like Eric Northman does Fangtasia.

As I hinted at in this week's Needle Exchange, Tranzylvania won't be suffering the "true death" anytime soon, as noiz.fkr is moving the event to Sanctum starting next week. 

Name: Robert Poe

AKA: noiz.fkr (though sometimes modified to not-so-noiz.fkr)

Current club nights: Wednesdays at Sanctum, Tranzylvania on Fridays at Palazzo, and Retro & Beyond on Saturdays at Sanctum.

Genres spun: EBM (electronic body music), industrial, synthpop, New Wave and some classic alternative.

Explanation behind your DJ name: Basically a combination of "noise" (a particular sub-genre of industrial music) and an expletive word mimicking the then huge .com boom. It's humorous to me since I rarely curse.

How did you get started as a DJ? Basically back in 1998 I asked the deejays at a goth night hosted at the Nile Theater in mesa if they would mind having me spin a set late in the night one week. They agreed, liked what I spun and asked me to come back every other week to spin in a more prime slot.

Why is Tranzylvania leaving Palazzo? I'm assuming because of economic viability for the club, though the format will move over to Sanctum starting the following Friday.

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