DJ Noiz.fkr Talks Tranzylvania, Vampires, Industrial Music, Dryft, Pan Sonic, and More

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Tranzylvania's last hurrah at Palazzo goes down later tonight, so I figured it was a perfect opportunity for a visit with noiz.fkr (a.k.a. Rob Poe), the goth night's grandmaster and longtime resident DJ.

Though he might not may or may not believe in vampires, he's certainly encountered plenty of patrons dressed like the fictional blood-suckers during his six years behind the mixers at Palazzo. These pseudo succubi have moved and grooved to the industrial, EBM, and darkwave tracks that noiz.fkr has selected while perched in Palazzo's DJ booth, reigning over the notorious night like Eric Northman does Fangtasia.

As I hinted at in this week's Needle Exchange, Tranzylvania won't be suffering the "true death" anytime soon, as noiz.fkr is moving the event to Sanctum starting next week. 

Name: Robert Poe

AKA: noiz.fkr (though sometimes modified to not-so-noiz.fkr)

Current club nights: Wednesdays at Sanctum, Tranzylvania on Fridays at Palazzo, and Retro & Beyond on Saturdays at Sanctum.

Genres spun: EBM (electronic body music), industrial, synthpop, New Wave and some classic alternative.

Explanation behind your DJ name: Basically a combination of "noise" (a particular sub-genre of industrial music) and an expletive word mimicking the then huge .com boom. It's humorous to me since I rarely curse.

How did you get started as a DJ? Basically back in 1998 I asked the deejays at a goth night hosted at the Nile Theater in mesa if they would mind having me spin a set late in the night one week. They agreed, liked what I spun and asked me to come back every other week to spin in a more prime slot.

Why is Tranzylvania leaving Palazzo? I'm assuming because of economic viability for the club, though the format will move over to Sanctum starting the following Friday.

Why has Tranzylvania outlived any other local goth night? The commitment of the club to the night and probably because its an awesome venue, so people wanted to come back.

Craziest shit you've seen at Tranzylvania: Probably some guy jumping off the balcony one night, not sure what he was thinking.

Craziest outfit worn by a patron at Tranzylvania: Some guy dressed as the giant demonic creature from the Silent Hill movie, the one that drags that huge sword around. It was on a Halloween night.

Best experience as a DJ: My best experiences as a DJ always comes from the energy of the crowd. I typically spin 5-6 hour sets, so if the crowd isn't into it, then it's not really all that enjoyable an experience.

And the worst? What could have been a really bad experience happened one time at former Club Freedom: the power shut off in the middle of the night due to a thunder storm; i was in the middle of a stomping industrial set when things shut down. though instead of going out quietly, i started stomping down on the stage to the former beat, and everyone else in the club started doing the same for about a minute. pretty cool ending i thought.

What other clubs have you spun at? The Nile Theater, Bostons, Trinity, Freedom, Das Bunker (in Los Angeles), Anderson's Fifth Estate, Mason Jar, and several fetish balls.

Favorite bygone club: Probably Freedom because the sound system was sick (thanks to local sound enthusiast Scot Mckenzie).

What's your mantra when it comes to DJing? To see everyone on the dance floor!

Preferred poison while DJing? I actually don't drink at all

Have you ever drank blood? Yes, I have actually, when I was 17.

Are you a vampire? Hell no!

Favorite vampire movie or TV show: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, because the vampires are portrayed as pretentious, bourgeois elites and ultimately end up getting their asses kicked by the Lycans and werewolves.

Why do you dig industrial music? It's typically the experimental nature of it, though a lot has become rather programmatic and streamlined towards bumpin' 4x4 rhythms.

Sites you use for music: Metropolis Records is a good reference for new releases of EBM/synthpop.

Last album purchased: Outside my spinning format, but Dryft latest release Ventricle. Awesome IDM record!

Track current stuck in your head: Unfortunately, Lady Gaga's "Just Dance." I'm not a fan, but my girlfriend was playing the video last night while I was working on a school assignment.

Artists that you're currently championing in your sets: S.I.T.D. and Necessary Response

What else have you been listening to lately? Most of the stuff I listen to is outside the realm of club music, but I'd say Dryft, Pan Sonic, Rafael Anton Irisarri, The Editors, and Interpol.

What other projects are you working on? I produce music as well -- www.a0n.com.

When not DJing, where can you be found? reading hundreds of pages for school and with my beautiful girlfriend, Charis, and wonderful son, Aften.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.