DJ Dossier

DJ Prince $$ Talks New Year's Eve, Wolfgang Gartner, Miike Snow, Daft Punk'd, and More

Name: Thomy Hoefer

AKA: Prince $$

Current gigs: Right now I do random spots at The Vig, but that's like if someone needs me to fill in. Otherwise, Fridays I do Sticky Fingers with William Fucking Reed and then Cheap Thrills with Jared Alan on Saturdays at Brick.

Genres spun: I like some of the nu-disco as well as indie remixes, but lately I've been getting more into the harder electro-house stuff like Wolfgang Gardner and Porter Robinson.

Origin story: I've been DJing since probably 2000. I was more into the jungle scene back when raves and stuff were going on and I kind of fell out of it and started doing the family life stuff. Then I came across Shake! and was doing random photography for them, and one day I decided I would do a 30-minute set and I asked William about it and he approved. He kept asking me to do it more and more, and has since brought me on board as partner since he enjoyed my sets.

Explanation behind your DJ name: Many of my friends used to call me "Princess" because I tend to overdo it when it comes to maintaining my hair, and using flat irons and such. So they called me Princess and I thought it would be funny to use dollar signs and make it my DJ name.

Have people called you DJ Princess before? Yeah. It's funny.

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