DJ Dossier

DJ Rob Kwik on How His New Mix Will Induce "Eargasms"

As a whole, DJs have a tendency to be rather boisterous, rowdy and blowhardy lot, particularly when it comes to self-promotion. Not so with local DJ Rob Kwik. Truth be told, he's a fairly laidback and chill cat who rather Zen and tends to let his music do the talking for him.

So it only seems natural that the 30-year-old selector's tracks are firmly in the subdued vein and are hewn from such genres as glitch-hop, downtempo, and broken beats (his favorite EDM style). Kwik's mixes are anything but, rocking a subtle and slow burn that builds to a powerful climax and, in his opinion, create "eargasms" for the listener. That includes his upcoming "ElevAtion MiX," which drops next month and his guest DJ appearance at next week's LayLow session at Bar Smith.

Kwik described his mixing philosophy for us during our recent chat with him, as well as his feelings why club gigs are better than raves and desert parties, and other topics.

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