DJ Dossier

DJ Sam Groove Talks Underground Raves, Cops, Dirty Trickz, Oliver Twizt, Cool Kids, and More

Name: Samuel Groove

AKA: DJ Sam Groove

Current schedule: Audiometric is the next event my company, United Groove, is throwing at Club Stratus on November 6. You can usually catch one of my sets on a Friday or Saturday night at any given underground event in the Valley, and from time to time I rock clubs such as Cream, Myst, Afterlife, and Bar Smith.

Genres spun: I'm a house-head, so pretty much anything funky and banging. I'm also a sucker for a dope breakbeats, so I'll mix it in to keep people on their toes.

How did you get started as a DJ? Back in my high school days, I would spend hours downloading music and burning mix CDs for friends. These CDs seemed to always end up in the stereo system at parties. So when I got my first MP3 player, I would hijack any stereo system that I could get my hands on. During college, a friend of mine introduced me to turntables, vinyl records, mixing, and a gave me a deeper insight into electronic music. I bought my first set of tables and mixer, and became absolutely obsessed. Vinyl took over my life.

What do you dig about raves? Most of the time these events have a theme, and it adds an extra fun factor to the party. For this year's Discotropolis event, we gave out disco ball necklaces to the ticket holders and I even dressed up in a shiny pimp suit with a matching hat and pimp cane. All night I was getting the strangest looks from people, but it was a total blast!

Do you prefer raves to club gigs? I have fun playing every show. A party is a party, it doesn't matter where.

Sample mix:
House Play by SamGroove

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