DJ Seduce and Afro:Baile Records Want You to Design Their Next T-Shirt

Walk into any Hot Topic store, and you're bound to be bombarded with an array of band T-shirts that have different band names on them but tend to look all the same. If you've ever thought, "I could make a way better shirt" before, now's your chance to put your creativity to the test, as local Brazilian/Latin/jazz/funk artist DJ Seduce and his Afro:Baile Records is launching a new T-shirt design contest.

All interested participants have to do is incorporate the word "samba" on the shirt--if you're clueless, samba is a Brazilian ballroom dance, and it's also the theme for an upcoming compilation CD by Seduce.

First and second place winners get T-shirts and CD's by Seduce, while the chosen designer also gets the satisfaction of having his or her artwork distributed to fans. With Seduce spinning all over the Valley several times a month, from 910 Live to The Sail Inn, the contest is a great way for artists who are also music lovers to gain some exposure.

For more details on the contest, check out www.afrobaile.com, and see Seduce next when he spins at The Olive Branch in Tempe Friday, July 16.

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