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DJ Six 4 on Performing for Mickey Mouse on Disney Cruise Gig

Over the past seven years, Scottsdale selector DJ Six 4 has scored plenty of experience dropping vibrant mixes for a slew of cartoonish characters in the always-colorful local club scene. Besides earning the cat, known to his mama and papa as Scott Lane, some serious paydays, it's also helped prepared him for a primo upcoming gig working the dials onboard one of Disney's colorful fleet of cruise ships for a variety of, um, cartoonish characters.

Before Six 4 starts packing and prepping for his high-energy sets on the high seas, however, he took time to speak with Up on the Sun about his career, as well as his feelings about how to create a perfect mix, how opening DJs need to know their role, and how he'll tailor his sets for Mickey Mouse and company.

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