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DJ Tommie Sunshine

When legendary producer Brian Eno heard Giorgio Moroder's studio work on the Diana Ross classic "I Feel Love," he said that it was the most perfect track he had ever heard, and it was the future of all music. Though that might have seemed revolutionarily impossible in 1977, he was right. In the future, or rather our present, electronic music would fuse together two types of music that weren't necessarily obvious, and the results would be brilliant. As such, DJ and Producer Tommie Sunshine has picked up the post-rave genre mash-up torch and worked with some of the best indie rockers around to produce interesting floor fillers. Sunshine, Rick Rubin's suit-wearing, coifed, long-lost virtual big brother, is your quintessential music lover turned artist. His impeccable taste in music translated into prominent gigs spinning in Atlanta's hot underground scene. Once the muse for Felix da Housecat, he's teamed with hipsters Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, P.O.D., Gang of Four, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to turn out dance mixes of their hits on his new two-CD set, Ultra.Rock Remixed. It's not your expected cheesefest, but rather, solid production rooted in house, just this side of stompy, with all the attitude of rock 'n' roll.
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Sloane Burwell
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