DJ Vadim

The legendary DJ Vadim has been gaining accolades in the underground hip-hop community for ages now, working with a who's who of MCs and holding his own as an instrumental sonic architect. Across the Atlantic pond, where the Russian-born DJ holds down a residency in London called Loose Change, Vadim has reached an echelon all its own when it comes to beats (and we don't mean the thumping Oakenfold/Digweed variety; we're talking independent hip-hop). The guy doesn't let himself stagnate, though; his latest project, called One Self, is a collaboration with two MCs -- gruff rhymer American Blu Rum 13 and the sweeter-sounding Swedish/Brazilian verbal acrobat Yarah Bravo. The group's LP, Children of Possibility, takes Vadim and crew through a kaleidoscope of Caribbean and dub sounds, adding to Vadim's already extensive repertoire. One Self is actually relocating to the States for an entire year, to let the unwashed American masses really have a chance to absorb the music. Our opportunity is this Thursday, June 1, at Hollywood Alley in Mesa. Call 480-820-7117 for further details.
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Brendan Joel Kelley