Does Alkaline Trio Represent New Trend Away From the Major Label?

Alkaline Trio's newest album, This Addiction, which is set to be released on the 23rd of this month, will be the first record put out on their own, newly formed label, Heart & Skull, in conjunction with Epitaph Records.

Singer/guitarist Matt Skiba said, "We made the decision to form Heart & Skull to put out our own records after having been through every kind of label deal in the industry, big indies, small indies, majors. We knew it was time to adapt to the shifting tides of the music industry and we could not be more thrilled about doing that in conjunction with the team at Epitaph."

What is most interesting is not so much that this new album is coming out. Rather, it's that more and more bands are becoming disenchanted with the idea of being signed to a major label, or even a label at all. The music industry is changing, and most musicians make their money from touring, rather than from record sales.

Okay, before you flood the blog with comments from local musicians and promoters about how it actually costs money to tour, and bands have to save up to do it, please know that I am aware of this. For bands that are still trying to break out of their local market, this model obviously doesn't work. For bands, however, that can make a living out as a band and are not also forced by necessity to work day jobs, nowadays the album supports the tour, rather than the tour supporting the album. While these are not my own words or original thoughts, this conversation has been dominating the music industry as of late.

So now that we know the way it works is different, we actually see bands who could and were signed to major labels defecting to create their own. New trend, or one-time effort?

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