Dogbreth Recording Two New Albums, Set to Rock The Trunk Space

Valley pop-punk rockers Dogbreth have big things planned for 2012. Aside from helping Trunk Space celebrate their 8th birthday next month, the band has two 7" records in the works, a split cassette and a two-month US/Canada tour coming up.

The new recordings mark a departure from the band's first full-length album last year, Chookie, which featured mostly live recordings.

"At our drummer's house, we've been working on trying to record everything from the ground up; multitracking everything," singer/guitarist Tristan Jemsek says. "Before it was partially recorded live, so I think the new recordings will have a little bit cleaner, a little sleeker sound. They're also going to feature a new bassist.

"I'm really proud of the new batch of songs too," he says. "I think they're the best songs I've written so far. It's going to be in the same vein as our past recordings, just better."

Local music trekkers will have two chances to catch some of those new songs when Dogbreth plays the Trunk Space on Wednesday, April 4, with Bad Braids, Black Magic Family Band and Josue Kinter, and again at the eight-year celebration on April 6.

"The Trunk Space has really meant the world to me," he says. "Its really made me the person I am today. Having a place to go to every night to see an insane variety of independent music and art has been huge in shaping me as an artist and person."

Here's a Dear Nora cover the band put up on their Bandcamp page last week to hold you over until then.

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