Domo Genesis (OFWGKTA) Drops New Mixtape

Domo Genesis (OFWGKTA) Drops New Mixtape

Today at 4:20 p.m. (get it?), Odd Future member Domo Genesis, who we profiled earlier this year, when right as he was leaving ASU, dropped a brand new mixtape, Under the Influence.

Over 14 tracks, Domo positions himself as the sleepy-eyed mellow member of the Wolf Gang. While his buddy Tyler, the Creator has been showing up super aggressive on tracks by The Game and Pusha T, Domo is more apt to rap about weed ("Let's Smoke," and Pokemon ("Smokemon").

Tyler shows up on "The Whole City Behind Us," rapping about "label crackers" over fuzzed out psych guitar samples.
Domo sounds particularly great rapping over Kanye West's "We Major" beat -- but he wisely trims the song down to under two minutes. "Shine" is nice, too, a funky old-school soul sample (sped up vocals during the verses, of course).

This is a good thing from Domo -- here's hoping he brings the same smoothness to his upcoming solo debut. You can download the whole thing for free over at Domo's Tumblr.

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