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Download: Bogan Via's Sparkling, Pulsing "Kanye"

I know there's a name for the keyboard sound that sounds like a cross between a dude belching and scat singing, but I can't figure it out.

No matter, I guess. The sound effect's hardly the most notable thing about "Kanye," the web-only exclusive MP3 advancing Phoenix duo Bogan Via's upcoming Common Wall Media debut. No, that would be the vocals, the tight interplay between Bret Bender and Madeleine Miller's dueling harmonies. Over a dancey boom-bap beat, the two sound something like Beach House might if they stepped out of the haze and into the sunshine. (And despite that title, there appears to be no connection between 'Ye and the lyrical content.)

Download: Bogan Via, "Kanye"

Download: Bogan Via, "Kanye"

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The band's scheduled to go into Flying Blanket Studios in Mesa to start work on a six-song EP for Common Wall, which counts Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Gospel Claws, and The Through and Through Gospel Review on its roster. Due in the fall, the EP will feature new material, as well as recuts of some of the songs from the band's debut Bandcamp recordings.

The band's also at work on a single for local promoter Jeremiah Gratza's new vinyl imprint, President Gator Records. The label (in conjunction with Common Wall) will be issuing the single in the coming months (featuring a B-side remix by Yus, one of our 10 Phoenix Bands You Need to Hear This Summer).

Bogan Via is scheduled to perform with The Technicolors tonight at Crescent Ballroom.

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