Download: Dead Eyes of London's Strutting "You're My Queen"

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In this week's issue of New Times, Lauren Wise speaks with modern-rockers-turned-retro-garage-soul fetishists Dead Eyes of London.

"[Our music is for] the fan that has listened to punk rock and matured," guitarist Chan Vallarino says. "[It's] heavy and darkly romantic -- with lots of influence from women."

Wise writes: The band's new single, "You're My Queen," a funky falsetto jam featuring vocals from all three members, certainly should speak to fawning female fans, with its sexy, lustful vibe. "I think it's a pretty straightforward representation of our sound," says drummer Nick Ramirez, but it stands in stark contrast to the much heavier acts all three members have been a part of, including Redfield, The Jedi Five, Sam the Butcher, Vistalance, Butcher Jones, and Beezlewood.

Download the song for free after the jump.


Dead Eyes of London, "You're My Queen"

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Dead Eyes of London is scheduled to perform Friday, May 25, at Rocky Point Cantina in Tempe.

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