Download Future Loves Past's New Single, "Grow Up Tall," From Their Forthcoming Album

Future Loves Past has been a local favorite since getting together in 2010, but 2013 could be their most important year yet: They've just announced a full-length album (already recorded at Flying Blanket Studios) due out this fall on Common Wall Media.

In the meantime, we've got a song from that album, "Grow Up Tall," available for download here on Up on the Sun.

Future Loves Past garners a lot of comparisons to the music of the '70s, and it earns most of them with its slinky confidence and propulsive danciness.

But the higher-than-ever production values on "Grow Up Tall" complicate that idea, for the same reason Room on Fire made it clear that the Strokes were not only the too-cool-to-care New Yorkers the press had begged for: They reveal that this band is tight--that they're conspicuously, but not superfluously, good at their instruments.

It's all in the service of the same ends--the sharp hooks, the dancing--but it's coming from a place that's not as easy to caricature as it first seemed. Which is an exciting thing to learn about a band.

Download "Grow Up Tall" here (right click > save as), and stay tuned for a split 7" with Yellow Minute, to be celebrated with a release show at Sail Inn on July 6.

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