Download "Seekers," Future Loves Past's New Song

Future Loves Past released a new single yesterday and it's gorgeous. "Seekers" came out just in time for the summer, and its effervescent percussion and melodic vocals are a pleasant reminder that pool season is just around the corner.

But the meaning of the song isn't as carefree as the rhythms may suggest.

"'Seekers' is inspired by a feeling of impeding doom for a society that oppresses free thoughts and ideas," says composer Eric Palmer.

"I wrote it last year around this time, but I worked on it on a few different occasions months apart. Initially it was way more of a techno beat driven song with vocals soaring slowly over a fast drum machine groove with stomping synthesizers," he adds.

Future Loves Past is scheduled to perform at Page the Village Idiot's CD release party on Saturday, March 31 at Long Wong's At The Firehouse.

Stream and download "Seekers" for free after the jump.

"We will probably have a physical release for this version and some other acoustic home recorded songs at some point in the next few months. When we go in to studio to record our full-length record, we will also re-record this song with Rick on a drum kit," Palmer says.

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