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Download: The Father Figures Cover The Feederz Classic "Avon Lady"

How's this for cred: Michael Cornelius, of JFA fame and current guitarist of The Father Figures, shouting out a cover of "Avon Lady" by famed PHX hardcore band The Feederz? That's pretty much punk-on-punk-punk action, but the results certainly don't sound like a history lesson. No, just like the songs on Lesson Number One (Father Figures' excellent 2011 release, which came in at number six on my year-end list), it's not lacking in the piss and vinegar department.


The Father Figures, "Avon Lady" (Feederz cover)

The Father Figures, "Avon Lady" (Feederz cover)

About "Avon Lady":

"We'll blame this on Michael. When we first realized we were going to actually play shows and be a band -- and not just some friends jamming for fun in someone's bedroom -- we started thinking about adding a cover we could own. After messing with songs by Wire and Mission of Burma, Michael suggested "Avon Lady" by Phoenix legends, The Feederz. It fit into the set well and added a little levity to our more serious songs without draining the energy or tone. It's also the only song in the set rotation that Tom [Reardon] doesn't sing lead; Michael does. Mr. Reserved getting his angst on. Michael contacted Feederz front man Frank Discussion (he knew him from back in the day) and got permission to record the song. We ended up recording this version during the marathon 18 song session for our debut album, Lesson Number One (along with another cover, "Plastic Passion" by The Cure). It left five outtakes needing a home, so if anyone out there needs a song for a comp or a bar mitzvah, hit us up!"

The Father Figures are scheduled to perform Friday, February 10 at Club Red in Tempe as part of the New Times Soundcheck festival.

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