Dozens of Artists to Fight the Man at Downtown's "99% Unityfest"

​Now you and your kids can dance to social activist music as performed by 99% of the bands in the Phoenix area. 

Not really, but the music roster at The 99% Unityfest on November 5 is looking pretty full, packed with talent from rock, hip-hop, funk, indie, folk outfits and more. (Read through the break for the full list.) 

To hell with the people who say these protests don't have focus. The festival, which serves as a "family-friendly" alternative to the Occupy Phoenix protests, is also partly a protest against Sherriff Joe Arpaio's treatment of immigrants. They'll even be screening the film Under Arpaio.

So... wait... is this about Wall Street or Tent City? Whatever. They're fighting the man with their kids. ¡Qué cute! Come for the music, stay for the "social justice teach-ins." 

Artists playing The 99% Unityfest:

DJ Trademark
Automatic Moment
Funny Bones Crew
KITE of The Canyon Animals
Talent aka Ray Rivas
Ray Reeves and The Masters of The Economy
Neurotic Pleasures
Official Earth
Mariachi Los Rebeldes
Roqy Ty'raid
Crystal Valentina
Shining Souls
Kat & Chris
CC Beats

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