Club Candids

Drinking Green

Not that we needed an excuse to go out and get drunk, but at least this time, we had a good reason to buy a new green shirt, because it was a St. Patrick's Day celebration, baby, and we sure as hell didn't want to invite any pinching (we get enough of that on normal nights). So we hit up Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub for its favorite holiday blowout on Saturday, March 17, when the bar spilled over into the parking lot for a night of beer, whiskey, and dancing on the asphalt.

When we arrived by 10 p.m., most of the mob had been drinking since the sun was up, making for one of the easiest Club Candids ever. Even if they don't clearly remember, everyone was overjoyed to get their pictures taken. With a live Irish band providing plucky ditties, the bouncing dance floor was filled with uncoordinated drunkards trying desperately to maintain enough motor skills to do their best impressions of Riverdance. After drinking like the Irish for hours on end, our face was as green as the crowd's garb, a sure sign that our St. Patrick's Day celebration was a success.

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Lilia Menconi
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