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Drunken Immortals

Before we even marinated our eardrums to Hot Concrete — the Drunken Immortals' third full-length album that's out to steal your mind with positive hip-hop vibrations and community-building lyrics — there was already word on the street that it was hot shit. You see, this seven-piece, live hip-hop groove machine is known as one of the best in the Valley, and the album most definitely lives up to the hype. The title track is set to a funky keyboard lick and opens with rhyme poetry reminiscent of The Last Poets before transitioning into quick-witted vocal spits by MCs Brad B and Mic Cause, while "Real Life" features lyrical heavyweight Abstract Rude rhyming over a percussive sound collage created by turntablist Pickster One. Dres from '80s rap mainstay Black Sheep makes an appearance, and the entire album is filled with ass-shaking cuts that incorporate driving jazz rhythms augmented by flawless guitar instrumentation. Hot Concrete also boats an impressive 12-inch wax release with multiple versions of the title track, including a blow-up-the-spot rendering by L.A. underground hip-hop producer DJ Drez.
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Steve Jansen
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