Dumperfoo's 40th Birthday feat. Drunken Immortals at Club Red, 1/18/13

Dumperfoo's 40th Birthday feat. Drunken Immortals @ Club Red | 1/18/13
Once upon a time, catching a wild gig by the Drunken Immortals was an easy thang to do. A decade ago, the local hip-hop ensemble of phenomenal talent and great renown was throwing weekly joints at Tempe bars like the old Arizona Roadhouse Brewery attracting in the urban art and party crowds by the hundreds with their lyrical antics.

These days, however, a DI show is about as rare as common sense at an Tea Party gathering since the swagger-filled septet went through a major jag of internal drama more than two years ago and went their separate ways like Tony Stark and company at the end of The Avengers.

Then came last night, when Drunken Immortals reunited onstage at Club Red for a very special occasion: Adam "Dumperfoo" Dumper's 40th birthday.

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