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Dunkwave? Totally Weird Experimental Basketball Music from Tempe Group

It's no secret that blogger-generated genre names keep getting weirder. It's also no secret that kids with laptops are recording "music" that's getting weirder and weirder.

And so we have Hoop Dreamz, the first "Dunkwave" EP from a Tempe-based outfit called Vladee Divacc. You can stream or download the whole thing for free here.

The EP's five songs are called "Chris Mullin," "Expansion Teams," "Phoenix Suns," "Hoop Dreamz," and "John Stockton."

"Stockton" is the obvious first single.

So, yeah, this is ambient noise with a basketball theme. On one hand, it sounds like a broken shot clock going off on repeat, which is a style of music I find few occasions to listen to. On the other hand, it's local and totally novel, which is an appealing combination.

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Martin Cizmar
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