Dust Off Your Chain Wallet: The Summerland Tour Hits the Marquee on Saturday

Dust off your chain wallet: Everclear, Live, Filter, and Sponge are coming to Tempe tonight.

Nah, just kidding. There is way more to do than just dust off your chain wallet. To pay proper homage to this packaged concert tour, there are some more fashion details to consider. It's kind of late to grow a goatee, at this point, but if you have one, trim that thing up proper: We said '90s, not '60s.

Shave up the sideburns and slick back the spikey 'do so that it lies comfortably beneath that backwards baseball cap. Get all up in your closet and dig out a pair of knee-length, roomy shorts, most likely jean shorts that are just shy of meeting the mid-calf white socks that keep the feet protected beneath those bulky Vans. Shine up that 'brow piercing, too, you know that hole hasn't totally closed shut. This may ring gender-specific, but it's a pretty unisex ensemble. Okay -- maybe the goatee not so much. But most everything else works whether you're sporting a P or a V. (And ladies with '90s goatees, no offense meant.)

So now, you're ready to rock nostalgic. And you won't be alone.

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That's the point.

This tour is the perfect opportunity to scrunch up in the venue amongst your post-grunge brethren and get all warm and fuzzy as you recall the days when the thickness of your wallet's chain far outweighed the importance of pesky later-in-life concerns like mortgages and retirement plans.

Summerland was masterminded by Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray -- who played on the tour's inception in 2012 -- and Everclear's frontman, Art Alexakis, whose band takes the headlining slot this go around. It may be a nostalgia-fest for the fans, but for the bands, it's a chance for them to not only bust out the hits they certainly know everyone is clamoring to hear, but all the tunes they've recorded and released since back in the day.

All the acts have seen lineup changes -- including some pretty big ones, like Live performing without original lead singer Ed Kowalczyk -- but they've also remained really productive.

They'll play the hits, but they won't just play the hits. So have a little patience.

While you're waiting to hear tunes like Sponge's "Molly," Live's "Lightning Crashes," or Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot," try to remember to throw them some love for the countless tunes these dudes have produced since you traded in your CD player for an iPod.

And, oh yeah, before you walk out the door, don't forget your Zippo. These bands were doin' their thing that rocked your world before cell phone waving became the way to usher in an encore.

When you're wrapping up the night, making that excited and probably drunken plea to Art "I am still living with your ghost" Alexakis to play "Santa Monica" to make the event complete, flip-top lighter in the air, you will finally be keeping it real.

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