Ear to the Street: 2mex, The Smob and D.E.W.B.I. at Hidden House

By Justus

What's cracking Phire City?

Monday of this week, I hit up the 2mex show with The Smob and dEw Bi and some other cat from Los Angeles who wasn't dope enough to be remembered. The show was at the Hidden House off of 7th Avenue and Osborn. It's a dope, little hole in the wall for some fresh hip-hop. Every Saturday Al Paige hosts “The Shop” featuring tight DJ's and MCs performing while spinning underground classics.

dEw Bi got the night started. It was dope shit, my dudes. These little crackers may have fallen off the stage and slurred their words, but they didn't really care what anyone thought, and by the last song they'd won over the crowd's respect. They spit with a stoner's swagger that came off fresh. The set was a bit long, but they held the crowd well.

Next up was The Smob. This crew has been on tour with 2mex for the last month all up and down the Southwest. Their beats are banging and their flows are filled with energy. I'm not too sure what the fuck they were saying, but it sure did sound cool.

After The Smob, this fugly dude with a whack style took the stage. I split. He couldn't hold my attention so I chilled with dEw Bi outside the club.

Headliner 2mex finished up the night and I must admit that he is a fresh, fucking beat monster. His breath control is superb and he can rip that mic with a vicious venom that is all too rare in hip-hop these days. A dope MC indeed. 2mex is a chubby Latin dude and his hand movements were reminiscent of a mental patient with a limp wrist, but that didn't prevent him from appropriately rocking the mic.

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That was this week's ear to the concrete heat we call Phoenix. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Roca Dolla'z next week and if you haven't checked it out already, read Music Editor Niki D'Andrea's review of Roca Dolla'z new album Roca is a Classic.

Justus is a Phoenix-based rapper and founder of Cut Throat Logic Records. He moved here in 1993 and considers the Valley his home. “My kids were born here and I'll be buried here,” he said. At age 10, Justus performed a DC Talk song during a talent show at a church camp and knew that music was his calling. He wrote raps for 10 years and “pretty much sucked” until a dear friend taught him to refine his rhythm and rhyme. When he's not hitting the stage or marketing a new act for Cut Throat Logic, he's writing new songs, but if you ask him, he'll say “I just run the label.”

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