Earth Crisis - Pub Rock Live, Scottsdale - 8/15/2013

I went to see Earth Crisis in 2013. This seems unbecoming of me, and I admittedly felt out of place at the show, wondering if anyone thought I was one of those undercover cops who spies on punk shows and the animal rights movement and also classifies straight edge as a gang. However, I am sincerely interested in the idea of Earth Crisis, a tough-guy hardcore band much more influenced by radical politics than their peers. A band that was divisive, initially by driving away more conventional punk types by being too macho in its celebration of direct action and propaganda of the deed (The band joins the ranks of Agnostic Front and The Cro-Mags among bands Tim Yohannon, founder of Maximumrocknroll, hated), and later by alienating part of its hardcore fanbase by making a transition into the metal world that came with a signing to Roadrunner Records and taking on major stylistic changes that veered almost on nu-metal.

The band ended its initial run in 2001 at a ridiculously crowded Hellfest appearance but reunited in 2007 and continues to put out records and play shows every now and then. The band's show last night was part of a tour marking the 20th anniversary of the release of the band's second EP, Firestorm.

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Mike Bogumill
Contact: Mike Bogumill