Eddy Detroit Out on 11/29; Release Party at Revolver Records on 11/26

We reported back in August that downtown wax-shack Revolver Records would be launching a vinyl imprint, Ammit Records, with a single from Eddy Detroit, set for release in October.

Well, it's...um...November? Holy crap. Where has the time gone? And more importantly, where the hell is that Eddy single?

Delays are pretty standard with this sort of thing, but we're happy to report that Eddy Detroit Meets the Sun City Girls, which features songs recorded during the same '80s sessions that yielded "Memphisto Cigars."

I heard a test pressing of the jams, and they are indeed far out.

The record officially sees release on Tuesday, November 29, available at Revolver and through distributors Revolver (no relation) and Forced Exposure. But copies will be available early, at the official release party on Saturday, November 26 (the day after Black Friday, natch), where Eddy himself will perform. Rumors have it The Mighty Sphincter will perform as well.

How's that for being thankful? 

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