One of our favorite Thanksgiving pics, Hannah and Her Sisters
One of our favorite Thanksgiving pics, Hannah and Her Sisters

In less than a week, we'll all be around the table, eating the things that will undoubtedly lead to a full-on food pregnancy with the people we love (or despise) the most. 

Eight Bands to Bring to the Thanksgiving Table

Lucky for you, you get to bring the real goods. While those in the kitchen are banging out some sweet potato pie, you'll be jamming out to some sweet Thanksgiving tunes. Here are a few appropriate additions to the musical Thanksgiving table. 
The Cranberries

Like the food itself, The Cranberries are a bit of dated, acquired taste and are usually overlooked for the more accessible, popular items on the table. But hey, once you get into the Cranberry groove, they totally kind of rock. 

The Byrds

Sure, there are thousands of "bird" bands we could have put in their place (especially among the indie crowd,) but we figure we might as well stick with the classics. 

Fiona Apple

We'd mention something about apple pie, but this video is creepy enough as it is. 


The moniker of Portland, Oregon-based musician Adrian Orange hasn't really been mentioned much since he released his last album in 2008, but once a year the simplistic folkster reigns supreme. 

Limp Bizkit

Mom never was good at getting the timing of those biscuits just right. So, here's a siiiick Fred Durst solo. 

Hot Buttered Rum

Because it isn't Thanksgiving if you're not liquored up and yelling at your parents about how badly they screwed you up. This song ought to calm you down. 

The Smashing Pumpkins

Smash them! Smash them right into a nice pie. 


The Native Americans brought us corn. Butt rock brought us Korn. 

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