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Eisley and Say Anything to Play Marquee This November

I'm not going to lie to you -- I am still reeling from the absolutely awful news that Micachu & The Shapes canceled their recent North American tour, including their September 14 stop at The Rhythm Room. My comfort, however, comes in the form of Texas indie pop band Eisley and their upcoming tour in support of Max Beemis and  Say Anything which rolls through Tempe this November. Nothing will fill the void that Micachu left, but Eisley is a damn nice consolation. Their absolutely resplendent pop is carried by Stacy DuPree's heavenly vocals, solidifying their spot as one of pop's rising acts.

Say Anything and Eisley will play the Marquee Theatre Friday, November 20 with opening acts Miniature Tigers and Moneen . Eisley are readying a new album, due out sometime next year when, as they describe on their website, "the weather is cold." They have enlisted the help of string quartet for the album, a move that makes plenty of sense since the band's melodic, sympathetic music lends itself nicely to the string section.

Say Anything will have a new album out October 13, ever-creatively named Say Anything. Max Beemis, the creative force behind Say Anything, is married to Eisley's Sherri DuPree, so the decision to tour together is quite a an easy one. Eisley will also be offering a four track, tour-only EP Fire Kites which will consist of songs from their upcoming album as well as Beemis' own take on the band's hit "Telescope Eyes."

The inclusion of Valley favorite Miniature Tigers is sure to make this show a memorable one. For those fans hoping to get a jump on tickets, Say Anything is offering them right now at this link.

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Michael Lopez