Electro Hip-Hop Duo Silver Medallion Debuts Scandalous Video For Their Hit Song “Scottsdale”

By Benjamin Leatherman

The beat-spitting boys of Silver Medallion: Oren J. (left) and Carnegie.

Oren J. and Carnegie have seen their fair share of excess going down in Scottsdale.

Whether its chicas and dudes getting it on in the darkened corners of nightclubs or big ballas rolling around in their Cadillacs, the pair of electro hip-hop musicians who comprise Silver Medallion have witnessed plenty of hedonistic abandon in the upscale PHX ‘burb. It provided the juice behind their blockbuster song “Scottsdale,” a somewhat sarcastic sendup of the city’s nightlife scene.

As I described in a piece entitled “Scottsdale’s Glitteratti” (which you can read in Shine, our special pocket-sized Scottsdale cultural guide available in this week’s issue), the track has become a hit with the exactly the same people its lampooning. Douchebags, $30k millionaires, and other shiny-shirt scenesters have dug it’s over-the-top lyrics, like the drug- and alcohol-laden chorus:

“She wanna go to Scottsdale/Where the Grey Goose flows/Scottsdale/With the gold-digging ho’s/Scottsdale/I’ve got money to blow/Scottsdale/I’m coked out of my mind.”

Silver Medallion’s debuting an equally debaucherous music video for the song, which you can see by clicking the link below.

Shot at Lyte Lounge (one of their favorite hangouts) and other locations around the Valley, the video mimics the drug-fueled mayhem of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and features barely-dressed babes dishing out lap dances and plenty of cocaine.

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Oren J. and Carnegie aren’t just all about the hedonism, however, as the other songs in their luminous repertoire (many of which deal with social and political issues) have gotten notice from the local hip-hop scene. For instance, their track “Gravity” got airplay on Power 98.3 a few months back. If you’d like to take a listen, the song can be downloaded for free though this link.

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