Electronic Pop Rockers Factories Talk Music Videos, Live Shows and SXSW

The members of electronic pop outfit Factories put themselves in a tight situation last year when they locked themselves in a shipping container in the middle of the summer.

With a wall full of amps, flashing strobe lights, and of course a ton of balloons, the Tempe trio had themselves a little dance party and caught it all on film. Along with the filming, the band also recorded their first full-length album, Together, which recently broke into CMJ's Top 200 list.

Before the end of the world year, they'll be debuting three music videos as well as performing at SXSW. But before that, they'll be helping local record label Black Cactus Records celebrate their second anniversary with a show at Long Wongs in Tempe on Saturday, February 4. They also appear on the label's compilation album which will be released some time in March.

We caught up with Bryan, Audra, and Duffy for a quick Q & A session.

Up on the Sun: What's new with Factories?

Factories: Let's see...We've been super busy this past year. We wrote and recorded our first full length album, Together, with our good buddy Jalipaz over at Audioconfusion in the fall. We recorded three music videos that we're really excited about and we also were awarded, "Most Foreboding Dance Music" by YabYum Music and Arts. Boom!

Two shows coming up in February; if you've never seen a Factories show, what can concertgoers look forward to?

We all have a lot of pent up energy and music acts as a release for that. We try to make our live show as much of an explosion of that energy as we can. We face each other; we jump around; we dance; we have a great time.

You guys have been working on a new music video, what's the expected release date for that?

There are actually three videos that we plan on releasing over the next few weeks as a series. We filmed them with Ah Dios over the summer and they've done a really amazing job. Tyler and Nate are awesome. We basically locked ourselves in a shipping container in the heat of summer and had a pretty epic dance party. We tried to avoid some of the heat by shooting at night but it still felt like it was about 150 degrees in there. There were neon lights, strobe lights, and about a thousand balloons. We even had a stray spectator stop by at about 4 a.m. who probably woke up later thinking it was all a dream. The first video will be released next Tuesday, January 31. The others will drop on February 14, and February 28.

You guys are playing SXSW this year. That's awesome news. Can you talk a little about what this opportunity means to you?

Thanks! We're really excited. It came about from our promotion company, Tinderbox in Minneapolis. They host events at SXSW and thought we'd be a great fit. We've also got a few more shows in the works while we're in Austin. The three of use have played SXSW before and it's always been such a blast. This will be our first time playing as Factories and we can't wait. SXSW is such a unique festival and it's such a great place to gain exposure. There's so much going on and so many great bands playing in small venues it's hard not to be inspired and motivated to push yourself further. It's almost like a band marathon where everyone is playing as many shows as possible in such a short period of time. Some bands are playing two and three shows a day just to get in front of as many people as possible. It's pretty intense. It's kind of like a proving ground for up-and-coming bands. We're just as excited to watch the music as we are to play. Each year we come away with something new to think about be it our music or our live show. It also gives us a great opportunity to get out on the road and play some shows in other cities.

What else is in store for 2012?

We heard it's going to be the end of the world, but right now we're really focused on the release of our LP, Together, out March 13. We've been getting some great responses and actually debuted in the CMJ top 200 this past week. We are really excited about getting out and promoting it. We're really proud of it and can't wait to share it

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