Elite Xtreme Stages Rock vs. Wrestling This Saturday At Marquee Theatre

The musical genre of rock 'n' roll has had something of a curious symbiotic relationship with the bombastic world of professional wrestling over the past decades.

Both experienced major heydays in the 1950s and inevitably became intertwined in the early 80s when such grapplers as the Fabulous Freebirds began using the guitar-heavy anthems of Lynyrd Skynyrd as themes. It continued through the heart of the Reagan years when World Wrestling Entertainment honcho Vince McMahon conjured up the "Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection," utilizing Cyndi Lauper and an embryonic MTV to promote folks like Hulk Hogan and the first WrestleMania.

It carries on even today, as you can't seem to tune into WWE shows like Smackdown or pay-per-views without hearing some nu-metal frontman screaming at you.

Recently launched local indie promotion Elite Xtreme Wrestling is jumping on the bandwagon as it's planning to pair headlocks with the hard rockers of Helmlock during a combination metal show/rasslin' event on Saturday at the Marquee Theatre.

Lest you think this will be similar to the old Madison Square Garden shows from the '80s (where punk legends like TSOL playing their instruments in the center of a boxing/wrestling ring), here's what's scheduled to happen at the event:

Hemlock and a slew of local hard rock bands (such as Detox, Ashes of Erin, and Split the Enemy) will perform their sets in-between a variety of matches featuring EXW's roster of grapplers, providing the crowd with a mix of power chords and powerslams.

The lineup includes battles between such muscular cats as Franco "The Beast" D'angelo and Tyson Tyler, as well as Shane Stratmore against Ryan Castallucci. The main event of the evening involves an "Xtreme Match" pitting the "King of No Rules" G.Q. Gallo versus former ECW/WWE developmental wrestle Derick Neikirk.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and tickets are $10. See EXW's MySpace for more info.

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