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Emarosa, Lawrence Arms, Dillinger Four and other Sets Shows Find New Homes

After The Sets in Tempe closed unexpectedly two weekends ago, local concert promoters like 13th Floor Entertainment and Psyko Steve have been mucho busy scrambling to find new venues for their shows.

While a majority of the erstwhile Sets gigs have been relocated to such clubs as Chasers in Scottsdale and the Clubhouse in Tempe, a few concerts remain homeless as of this writing (like the Revival Tour on November 10). The rundown of where each show is moving follows the break. Stay tuned for further updates on where these stragglers will end up.

The Halos and Horns Tour 2009
With Motograter, Darksun, Sin Reflection, Evolution of the Kill, Mission G., Malo De Dentro, and Signs of Solace

Friday, Sept. 18.
Moved to the Clubhouse Music Venue (1320 East Broadway Road, Tempe)

Dillinger Four
With Riverboat Gamblers, The Arrivals, and Parkway Wretch

Saturday, Sept. 26
Moved to Jugheads (5110 East McDowell Road)

With Dance Gavin Dance, Of Mice & Men, Tides of Man, & Of Machines
Monday, Sept. 28
Moved to Martini Ranch (7295 East Stetson Drive, Scottsdale)

It Dies Today
With Arsonists Get All the Girls, and Awaken Demons

Wednesday, Sept. 30
Moved to the Clubhouse Music Venue (1320 East Broadway Road, Tempe)

A Wilhelm Scream
With Living With Lions, and A Riot Before

Monday, Oct. 19.
Moved to Modified Arts (407 East Roosevelt Street)

Night Eternal Above America Tour
With Moonspell, Samael, Secrets of the Moon, and Kill Kapacity

Monday, Nov. 2
Moved to the Clubhouse Music Venue (1320 East Broadway Road, Tempe)

Lawrence Arms
With Teenage Bottle Rocket, Cobra Skulls, and Andrew Jackson Jihad

Thursday, Nov. 5
Moved to Chasers (8005 East Roosevelt Street, Scottsdale)

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