Emby Alexander Wishes You A Blue Christmas (And Doesn't Want To Fight Tonight)

There are only five shopping days left of Christmas...are you sick of hearing dogs "sing" "Jingle Bells" yet? At least the Sprint commercial with animals singing "Deck the Halls" is pretty cute.

Fortunately, Emby Alexander breaks out of the obnoxious Christmas cover routine by putting its own spin on a Christmas classic and a tune that should be played as much as "Feliz Navidad." Listen to the songs and find out what singer Michael Alexander has to say about the holidays after the jump.

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"I picked 'Blue Christmas' because I like how sad and low I get to sing in contrast to Mandi's beautiful haunting harmonies," says Alexander.

While some of us complain about the cold, Michael Alexander embraces it:

"Christmas music has always been a very big influence on my music. Even in the hot Phoenix summer I use jingle bells and glockenspiel in most of my recordings. I would love to be a part of somebody's holiday tradition, like... when it starts getting colder and you're wearing a sweater, you start thinking of my voice. I'd love to know I am a part of your holiday as much as Christmas lights and shopping."

That may be an ambitious goal, but Alexander shows off his songwriting talent by pairing Elvis Presley and The Ramones in the same release.

"I picked 'Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)' because it has been a holiday staple for me, and it is not something they play on the radio or in the mall. It should be, but it is not. I like that it's not quite a sad song, but it's definitely not a cheerful one, either. I hope people listen to it and get turned on to The Ramones, too."

Emby Alexander will play both "Blue Christmas" and "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)" at Yucca Tap Room on Christmas Day.

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