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It seems every time you turn around, a new Hot Topic-approved emo band appears. So, to break away from the rest of the gloomy pack, Seattle quintet Emery has relied on its unpredictable song structures and articulate/semi-religious lyrics. Beginning with their successful debut album, The Weak's End, Emery has been building a devoted fan base, touring the country with the Van's Warped Tour, The Nintendo Fusion Tour, and a number of other high-profile shows. Mixing strained and shouted vocals with sudden changes in song dynamics, whether blazing to machine gun speeds or grinding to a halt, Emery's tunes are nothing if not varied. Detractors have said this genre-switching leaves the listener with a soupy mess to sort through, and without much substance to sustain it. But fans of the group have praised its ability to mix eclectic influences into a song, jumping from glam-rock to jazz in a single bound. The band is touring in support of its third album, I Am Only a Man.

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Joe Golfen