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Eminem Recording New Tracks With Dr. Dre

Eminem has confirmed he's recording with Dr. Dre again, according to MTV News.

Marshall announced on Satellite Radio that he and Dre are brewing up something good, saying that he might rap over one of Dre's new beats.

After one more single gets released from his latest album, Recovery, Eminem plans on taking a break. Both financially and time wise, he can afford to lay low for a little while. After all, he contributed to Nicki Minaj's new album, Pink Friday, plus he recorded "Love (Part II)" for Rihanna's new album as a followup to their hit "Love the Way You Lie."

Even though he's been hard at work, I'm not ready to see Eminem go yet. After all, he has just begun his huge comeback this year, and now I'm hungry for more of whatever he has to offer up. There's no doubt that every song on which he laid down a verse as a featured artist is going to take off.

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