Eminem Releases Cover Art for New Album on Twitter

Eminem utilized his Twitter account to release the cover art for Relapse, his forthcoming album, which he posted today. Relapse is Em's first album in more than four years.

The cover art features a head shot Eminem constructed of hundreds of pills, no doubt a nod to the rapper's addiction to prescription meds struggle. The album's title is designed to look reminiscent of a label on a pill bottle and the refill date on the prescription cleverly reads 5-19-09, Slim Shady's album release date. Naturally Em lists his mentor Dr. Dre as the prescribing doctor.

Check out Eminem's new single "We Made You," which takes a shot at celebs like Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and Sarah Palin, on his MySpace page. Eminem is already working on a follow-up album, "Relapse 2," that fans can expect to drop before the new year. He's set to take the stage at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, May 31 where he will perform.

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Kelly Wilson