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Eminem Stands Up to Accusations of Homophobia, Attacks Others' Parenting Skills

Eminem has clarified that there's a borderline between what he raps about and what his opinions actually are, according to NME.

Em told CBS in a recent 60 Minutes interview that he doesn't have anything against gay people and that he's on good terms with all groups of people.

He went on to address concerns about parents of children who may be listening to his music. It turns out that there's no cussing allowed in Eminem's household, which is rather surprising. He tries to set a good example for his daughters when he's at home, though.

Really? First of all, why would you limit your good parenting to the time you spend with children at home? And secondly, how can you call yourself a good parent and role model when you're needlessly throwing around words like "faggot" in your songs? Come on, Em...good parenting or good music. For you, it's one or the other.

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