Enrique Iglesias wasn't down to be on board with Britney for an upcoming tour after all, according to the Amplifier.

Enrique Iglesias Bails on Britney Spears' Tour in No Time Flat

Only two hours after Britney made the tour announcement on Good Morning America, Enrique bailed from Britney's tour, and I sure don't blame him.

Enrique dropped out without an explanation as of yet. However, Billboard speculates that the high scale production would have brought on huge costs, and perhaps Iglesias either didn't want to pay that much money. Maybe he was worried that, between Britney's extravagant live show production and his own major production, those production costs would consequently hike up the price of tickets.

It remains to be seen who will takes Enrique's forfeited spot on the bill. No matter who ends up replacing Enrique as the big time opening act, I mean so-called co-headliner, on Britney's tour, I'm predicting either overpriced tickets or low sales will drive the guide the tour into a downward spiral. Britney has had her time to shine, but maybe she should spend a little more time at home rehearsing her upcoming act and/or regaining her sanity. She's just not really in the zone anymore...no pun intended.

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