Epic Red Cup Massive New Year's Eve

Just because the notorious underground venue Rasputin's Equestrian Manor went kaput, that doesn't mean clandestine wingdings at Valley mansions are gonna stop anytime soon. In fact, the beat jugglers and party instigators of Warsaw Pact Entertainment will hold their annual off-the-radar (and off-the-hook) Epic Red Cup Massive New Year's Eve Extravaganza on Thursday, December 31. While last year's version took place at a desert location far outside the Valley (read: BFE), the 2009 edition will go down at a 5,600-square-foot well-to-do CenPho estate. In addition to spin sessions by the Salacious Beat Slingers, Stir Fry, Spyder, Jay Eric, and Norman VanNess, local electro-poppers Peachcake will perform at the all-night affair. Other amenities include a heated pool, hot tub, game room, and plenty of libations. Sexy and seductive dress is encouraged (with promoters adopting a "No effort=no entry" policy). The 21-and-over party starts at 7 p.m. and runs until 2 p.m. the next day. Admission is $30 for singles, $50 for pairs. Visit www.­warsawpactaz.com for tickets and location info.
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