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It's hard to tell if the musicians in Eroticide received too much attention from their mothers or if they received too little of it. Whatever the situation, it seems likely that the members of the band developed their rabidly misogynistic stage personas and live antics in response to some form of profoundly upsetting, female-related childhood trauma. Not the most gender-sensitive group in town, Eroticide has amassed a large and loyal local following, thanks to its vivid onstage simulations of rape and sexual torture. Hailing from the mean streets of Mesa, the band has been dressing up in Hellraiser-ish costumes, donning strap-on phalluses and playing death metal with a gothic-industrial edge for more than 10 years. Imagine GWAR crossed with Cannibal Corpse. This Saturday, the group will treat fans to musical gems such as "Cunt Humongous," "Relationshit," and "Ride the Rohypnol." No one may ever know what led to Eroticide's inception, but Phoenix metalheads can be thankful that the band's members chose music as a means for coping with their issues.
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Daniel Raven