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Even Kings of Leon Got Sick of Themselves

Kings of Leon actually got sick of hearing themselves all the time at one point, according to Spinner.

"We were all sick of Kings of Leon!" the band's guitarist Matthew Followill said. "We couldn't go 10 minutes without hearing one of our songs...It definitely got annoying after a while."

I'd say that sounds pompous, but it's true; yes, it does get annoying to hear Kings of Leon way more than I want to hear them, even though I like them. At least the man can relate to how lots of people feel about his band. I won't say that none of the guys in the band have a big head about their level of fame though.

After all, KOL must be pretty hot if SPIN feels obligated to put them on the cover three times in two years. Did SPIN run out of options or something?

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