Everclear, GWAR and Concorso Arizona Over the Weekend

Concert Review: Everclear at The Big Pour It's a well-established fact that the mark of a truly brilliant pop song is its ability to stand the test of time, captivating new generations or, at the very least, remaining meaningful to it's intended audience over a lifetime. As an admitted Gen X/Y cusper with a 90s obsession, I can't claim I'm an unbiased and wholly legitimate source when it comes to declaring the work of Portland-bred alt-rock icons Everclear to be on that level -- but it sure seemed like it was to me last night...full story

Hot Italian Cars at the Concorso Arizona Car and Bike Show at El Pedregal Festival Marketplace Everyone needs a hobby, but no one said it should be collecting bank-breaking automobiles. Still, plenty of Ferraris and Ducatis hit the pavement at El Pedregal Festival Marketplace for the Concorso Arizona Italian Sports and Exotic Cars and Bike Show on Saturday, November 14, 2009. Check out the sweet rides below...see photos

An Eviscerating Experience: GWAR at Marquee Theatre on Saturday, November 14 Nothing was sacred in splatter metal band GWAR's theater of costumed insanity at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe on Saturday. Michael Jackson's face got ripped off. Babies were disemboweled. President Obama's noggin got partially severed and was rolling around on his shoulders, but he kept smiling...full story


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