Every Dying Day Explains "Lies"

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Local rock band Every Dying Day is convinced their current line-up is their best ever. Why? Their new drummer, Wes Sanders, is endorsed by Soultone Cymbals, and you don't just get an endorsement for throwing around your sticks blindly.

See if he and the rest of the band has the right stuff when they play The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale on Friday, August 5. Singer/guitarist Billy Thompson says the show is worth checking out, saying, "You can't deny the feeling of raw energy." Get ready for the concert by listening to one of their tracks, "Lies," after the jump, including lyrics and the inspiration behind it. Thompson says he hopes when people listen to the song, they get "the feeling of tapping your toes and smiling knowing that its making you feel dirty."

Here's what Thompson says inspired the track: "Musically, I felt like I needed to tap into the raw emotion of a good toe-tapping, ramp-riding, fast-driving, balls-to-the-wall rock and roll riff that makes you want to just get up and move around. Lyrically, I needed to place the songs moving energy into a form that everyone can relate with, which is drama-filled people and their need to be in everyone's business. So I directed it lyrically at those specific stereotypical gossip hounds by directing several 'juicy drama type details' throughout the song. Gives those people with nothing to do something to talk about -- and they're all lies."

What Thompson hopes people might take away from listening to it: "That depends on how self-absorbed you are. You may think it's ego-filled, or you may think it's written about you. I just want people to draw their own conclusions. I never like being told what to think, so I'm not about to tell others to do it. Either way, I want them to enjoy it and shake their asses!"

Is this what you are waiting for,
a little piece of something more,
I'm the one who likes suicide,
and I'm the one who can't get it right,
on my way home baby.

I'm on my way

Don't try to run away,
it's complicated everyday
pick you up around overtime, turn you on again,
on my way home baby.

Now pick your pieces off the floor,
and don't coming running back no more
Vicodin on overdrive,
chop it up get it all inside
on my way home baby.

Lies are killing me
I said all your lies,
like a disease,
and it's all because.
you won't let me go (four times)

I'm not gonna let you run away, not gonna let you
not gonna let you run away, not gonna let you
I don't love

"Lies," by Every Dying Day by nicoole16

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.