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Every Time I Die

In addition to releasing a new disc, New Junk Aesthetic, this month, Every Time I Die recently hired a new drummer. Ryan Leger, formerly of Dead and Divine, has taken over for Mike "Ratboy" Novak. And, according to a recent Twitter post from the Epitaph-signed hardcore band, the new drummer hasn't disappointed. "Yesterday was the first show we played with a new drummer," the band tweeted. "Legs absolutely killed it. Come see him behind the kit on our September tour!" The Buffalo group has been busy touring the U.S. They recently debuted their ass-kicking first single, "Wanderlust," and released online a trippy video in support of the song. The video is set in a low-lit abandoned hotel with the band members performing in separate rooms as singer Keith Buckley wanders through dark hallways, encountering the group's grotesque album artwork (drawn by Buckley's brother and guitarist Jordan), which has come to life. In one of the best press-release quotes I've seen in a long time, Jordan confessed that the band's new disc is not the next logical step in the band's progression but rather an "evolutionary leap": "It's as if we have morphed from a single-celled bacteria straight to the guy with the dirt bike that will let you watch his older sister suntan if you steal him a smoke from your parents," he said. "Certainly you may acknowledge similarities, but on a grand scale, they stand light years apart."
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Kelly Wilson