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Every Time I Die @ Nile Theater

A successful long-term musical career is a rarity in any genre, but what does it take to be truly acknowledged as an elder statesman in heavy metal? In most rock circles, any popular musician over 40 is usually handed some token of longevity for remaining relevant (meaning young people are still the primary attendees at the show). Annoited '80s metal deities like Ozzy and Pantera are safely locked in the canon, but Every Time I Die likely will join those remembered as turn-of-the-millennium metal staples. The group has been making melodic metalcore for 13 years and has even cracked a top 20 position on the U.S. Billboard charts. ETID is known for throwing a few stylistic shades into its honed red-and-white metalcore strut, be it math-rock left turns or, most recently, a playful banjo. The band's newest album, Ex Lives, brings the added weight of Southern metal timbres and contemporary stoner distortion to the band's frantic hardcore template, likely due to the production of Joe Baressi, who's worked with journeymen outfits like Queens of the Stone Age and The Melvins. With an established songwriting foundation that does not crack with stylistic tweaks, ETID may possess the formula for metal immortality.

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