Excess Redefined With Axl Rose

Axl Rose's latest incarnation of Guns N' Roses, Chinese Democracy took over 17 years to complete which quite possibly made it the most anticipated album of the past two decades. You may remember that the folks at Dr. Pepper were so excited and skeptical about its release that they agreed to give everyone in America a free soda if and when it came out. When it finally did drop, after a few years of a handful of leaked tracks, we were all introduced to a whole new world of excess. The record cost an estimated $13 million to put out, and every track was an over-the-top creation with elaborate instrumentation and production work. Now, over a year after the release, Axl kicked off the Canadian leg of the tour. Spin writes about him and the elaborate stage show he put on, including 15 semi trucks' worth of equipment, explosions, confetti, and nearly three hours of music featuring the seven-piece band and solos by each musician. Hey, no one ever said that being a rock star was meant to be simple, or classy. For all that it took to put out the record and tour, it seems like the people of a small impoverished country could be fed.

STORY: Guns N' Roses Kick Off 'Chinese Democracy' Tour

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