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Exclusive Video Premiere: W.A.S.H. - "Paint Can (Featuring Mike the Knife & Season)"

I hope you're ready for something completely different. Newcomers W.A.S.H. is hitting the local EDM scene and they hope to take it by storm with their maniacal duck heads, offensive t-shirts, and amazing beats. Today, they release what is their second song and their first video for the infectiously catchy "Paint Can." W.A.S.H. (an acronym for We Are Shit-Housed) is a DJ duo comprised of two unlikely ducklings known as Duckie and Puddles, hailing from Tempe, AZ, USA. They tell me that though they appear to be agitated and ornery, they are singular in their mission of positivity: to create an environment for their audience to have fun.

The sounds of W.A.S.H. span a wide array of subgenres, from twerk to trap to moombahton and back. The lyrical subject matter is party fueled, and just like any good party, their concerns are primarily sex, drugs, alcohol, and dancing with singing by a variety of up and coming artists like Luna Aura and Lady KO. In this particular release they are featuring Mike the Knife and Season and the results are brilliant as well as super addictive.
The video below was filmed at their show at Bar Smith for Big Fun Fridays in June, and also a house party. The video was shot and edited by Jacob Reynolds. Whether you watch it once or a dozen times your mind will be altered and you will find yourself singing to yourself on the street "Shake it like a paint can, shake it like a paint can, girlie you can do it, you can shake it like a paint can, shake it like a paint can, shake it like a paint can, put your ass into it, you can shake it like a paint can." Just wait until Season's rap kicks in and she says, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't white girl wasted, lying if I said I couldn't white girl shake it". Apparently her paint can comes with suggestive instructions as well. 

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Mitchell Hillman