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Exclusive: Watch Miss Krystle's New Music Video From Upcoming Album

Krystle Delgado paid for college by competing in beauty pageants. She was Miss Palo Verde and Miss Sonoran Desert, titles she dutifully carried from the end of one contest until the beginning of the next year's. But as an artist, she didn't want to have anyone else's reputation or legacy on her shoulders — hence her name, Miss Krystle.

Before pageantry there was music in Krystle's life, and she released her second album, Run, in 2011. She's kept busy since then. She finished law school (she's a practicing attorney specializing in entertainment law) and has released a handful of songs in the interim. Now she is readying the release of a new album, called Woman In Motion. Though the album name comes from the title track, it could easily describe the artist herself, as she somehow has managed to display a dizzying amount of time management in developing a flourishing law practice while recording a new album. 

In fact, the album title is somewhat of a nod to her nonstop need to create, as a period of downtime between the recording of a song and its release was frustrating enough for her to want to take matters into her own hands.

"We were going to call it the Fed Up EP, [because we were] totally fed up," Krystle says. "We need to just do this ourselves and kind of taking control back, or whatever. It morphed into an album and then it morphed into Woman in Motion."

Krystle has teamed up with New Times to release the debut of the first music video from the album, for "Swear." The song, produced by Miss Krystle and co-conspirator That Orko, sounds like a throwback to ’90s R&B, when singers like Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera were making smooth, upbeat jams. The singer sees the album as an opportunity to push herself musically.

"What's beautiful about this album is that it has some of those saucy R&B [melodies], and those beats are very sexy," she says.

And as for "Swear" itself?

"It's a love song," Krystle explains. "'I swear that you get me high.' It's the complete euphoric experience you get when you fall in love." 

Download the song for free here.
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