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Facebook Strikes Down Bryan Lightningrod's Fan Page

Well, it looks like Bryan finally got a taste of Facebook's Lightningrod.

Bryan Lightningrod, the 37-year-old ASU student, who claims to be a 97-year-old vampire from Cairo, has experienced plenty of backlash from his solicitation of photos of young girls, many of whom choose to write his name on their breasts, prompting him to post the photos publicly on Facebook and his personal website.

His antics have officially led us to deem him the "creepiest musician in the Valley." If you think we're being hyperbolic, check out his video for "Give it to Me," featuring close-up shots of the butts of young teens who just happen to be boarding at a skatepark in Gilbert.

It has been a long time coming. Both teens and parents have rallied for Lightningrod's fan page to be taken down from the social networking website. One anti-Lightningrod Facebook group boasts over 900 members. They have continuously reported him to Facebook for his "creepy" behavior, and it seems their efforts have finally paid off.

Lightningrod posted the following on a Facebook group he runs called "Bryan Lightiningrod loves Scene/Emo/Adorable - Girls."

"Hey people I'm going back to Myspace I'm tired of FACEBOOKS FASCIST policies." [sic]

We reached out to the vampire for comment via e-mail, but haven't heard back from him (amazing, considering the time he spends on the internet). We'll update if we do.

Enjoy partaking in the internet cesspool that is MySpace, Bryan. We're pretty sure Tom will still be your friend.

Update: Lightningrod e-mailed us back to say that Facebook did not give a reason for the deletion. They simply sent a link to their policies.

"A group of haters have been trying to report all my comments on my personal wall, so I assume that's what happened," Lightningrod says. 

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Christina Caldwell