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Facing New York

Facing New York is a band that easily defies pigeonholing. Their brand of heavy-handed melodies infused with a jazz-like swagger is remarkable — especially considering what it means to be an "indie rock" band these days. Convention is hardly their main concern, as evidenced on a song like "Comin' Up," a tune that is disjointed yet oddly melodic. The arrangement of drums and keys seems so out of place; however, it works together with Eric Frederic's lush vocals to provide a smooth, harmonious ride. Get Hot is imbued with the Bay Area trio's ultra-cool, smooth sound, even smacking of grunge in certain parts. The standout track, "Hardwood Floors," treats listeners to velvety jazz organ layered over Frederic's inspired lyrics, which tell a story about futility in getting over a past love. For those few brief minutes, he takes us on his journey and makes us feel his pain, offering his song as consolation. However, it is Frederic's sentiment in "Give Love" that truly solidifies the band's effort. He sings, "If I don't survive/I'll play with Roman candles in my afterlife." I hope the band survives awhile. If not, I'll be shooting off fireworks right there with him.

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Michael Lopez